Brand Consultancy

What is branding?

Branding is creating a unique name and look for the item the company wants to sell. Your product name should be unforgettable and resonate with the client. When the product is seen or advertised, you want the product to stand out to the consumer so they remember it and want to buy it. It needs to create a significant and differentiated presence in the marketplace that draws and retains customers.

What does a brand consultancy do?

A brand consultancy can accelerate the sales of your product. It is a company that provides sales and marketing expertise, analysis, and solutions to sell a company’s products. They will:

  • Gather data to assess the market. For example, who will buy the products? Men or women?  Teens or seniors?
  • Identify the competition. What other suppliers are selling the same or similar items?  What do they call the product? What does their packaging look like?
  • Identify the business trends. Are people just beginning to buy the product, still buying it or have they stopped buying it?
  • Identify the value of the product. What price are they willing to pay?  If it’s new, what items were purchased for similar use and what was the price they were able to get?

I have a product name and packaging, so why do I need them?

Even if you have a product name and packaging, a brand consultancy offers important objectivity, balancing business planning with creativity.  Creating a product then naming and ‘dressing it’, makes it very personal. A brand consultancy respects your passion for the product but is also capable of bringing a fresh perspective on something you already know inside and out.  They will work with you to understand your goals, take into account your business plans for the item, and create a strategy to help you implement and sustain your brand.

A brand consultancy can also help you with nomenclature strategy. To put it more simply, they will help you identify the most bang-for-the-buck advertising channels and the messages you should be communicating. They may recommend online marketing such as videos, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, and social media. The consultancy will help you craft strategic messages for the chosen media channels. This is important, but especially so if SEO and PPC are chosen. Search engine optimization crafts your message so you’re easily found during a variety of phrase and word internet searches. If you have a new product that doesn’t have name recognition, but your item has utilized SEO advertising, your item will pop up under a variety of searches and expose it to an audience.

They will also help create a brand message. Will your brand be associated with improving people’s lives?  Will it bring people joy?  Can it provide them support? Can it enhance their lives?  This will be the tagline, catch phrase, and feeling that will surround and always be associated with your brand.