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William Pigot


He is one of the core members of our team. William has been a cornerstone of the firm since its inception, and his greatest asset is his experience.

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Mackenzie Paramor

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We believe that any firm requires experience and robustness of youth. Mackenzie may not have years of experience to back her, but she is one our most exceptional app developers.

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Spencer Kramer


Spencer has been around since the inception of the firm; he has his own practice but is always a phone call away if the need arises.


How to Reach Your Target Audience via Digital Marketing

Maintaining an active online presence is an amazing way to connect with the targeted market. It promotes brand loyalty and conversions. However, many business owners don’t know which strategies to implement in order to streamline the whole process and reach their target market. By identifying and reaching the right audience, you can tailor all your efforts to specifically appeal to the needs of that segment.

When you’ve identified your target market, reaching them and engaging them in a meaningful conversation can help you drive as much revenue as possible. Following ways can help you identify and reach out to your target market.

Identify what’s important to them

With the integration of technology so deep into our lives, we have virtually limitless data at our fingertips. Google Analytics can help you learn how people find your store and what they do when they arrive. Facebook can help gather demographic data including location, age, relationship status along with interests and help establish behavior pattern of the customers. You can also leverage newcastle seo to benefit from search traffic that is coming in from different search engines.

Employ all these tools to identify the right audience, where you can find them and learn what’s important to them.

Speak their language


In all of your marketing efforts, make sure to use the language that your customers can understand. For instance, you cannot get through to motorheads using flowery visuals. Nor can you convince a Belieber to listen to you using a formal tone. Don’t talk down to them or you’d end up alienating them completely.

This isn’t restricted only to the use of appropriate tone and voice, but also use the terms and phrases they actually use. In all of your blog posts and marketing material, use natural words and phrases to attract more.

Monitor your audience

With audience analytics, you can get to know the who, what, when, where and how about your audience. It helps you establish patterns and serve up better content in the future. It helps you identify what sort of customer looks for what sort of content on your website. This way you can create better-targeted content.

You also get to know about the places that refer people the most to your business. It helps you understand where to focus your efforts in order to reach your target audience. Also, you get to know detailed device usage breakdown for your customers. It helps you push the right format of the content to use which ensures better online experience for a user, potentially driving revenue.

Reach out to influencers and niche websites

With so much noise on the Internet, it’s not enough to just build your website with personalized content and hope that your audience finds it. Reaching out to independent content creators and niche websites can help you bypass the noise and reach your target audience.

What is a Litigation Lawyer and How Can they Help You

Litigation is defined as the process of taking legal action. It occurs whether you are the one making a case or being sued. Finding a litigation lawyer can help you get through the legal process with ease. A good lawyer can also help you get the best possible outcome for your case.

A litigation lawyer Gold Coast can help you whether you have a criminal, commercial or civil case. They can also help you in negotiation and mediation processes for dispute resolution.

A litigation lawyer also assists with documents processing. Many forms and legal documents have to be filled in and filed on time. However, a litigation Gold Coast process is marred with a lot of jargon and legal language hard for a layman to understand.

With a litigation lawyer, everything is explained to you in simple terms so you can understand the process and know what is happening every step of the way. You will also be able to understand what is required of you so there aren’t any mistakes and delays in the process.

How to Find a Litigation Lawyer Gold Coast

Finding the top Gold Coast litigation lawyers can be a daunting task when you do not know what to look for. Here are some considerations to keep in mind to help you get the best litigation lawyer in Gold Coast:

  • Experience

In law, experience is important because it determines how easily a lawyer is able to deal with your case and defend you in court. Make sure to ask the lawyer how much litigation experience they have because it is not determined by how long one has been practicing law. There are many fields of law that the lawyer could have picked other than litigation law.

  • Costs

Cost is what most people are afraid of when looking for litigation Gold Coast. Many costs may come with your litigation case, including lawyer fees, professional fees and costs associated with getting expert advice on your case.

Ask your litigation lawyer to give you a breakdown of all the expected costs beforehand to ensure you are ahead of the costs problem. As a result, you become more prepared psychologically before you engage in the process.

  • Personality

Building a bond and trust between you and your litigation lawyer is important. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a litigation lawyer with a personality you find acceptable. You should be comfortable with your litigation lawyer and feel they care about you and the problems you experience.

With the correct litigation lawyer, you are sure that your litigation process will go smoothly. Litigation Gold Coast can also be self-represented, meaning you do not need to have a lawyer with you in court.

However, having a lawyer to guide you for self-representation is imperative to getting positive outcomes for your case. Do your due diligence to ensure you get the best litigation lawyer for the best outcome regarding your case. The need to hire a licensed and certified attorney also goes without saying.

What exactly does a SEO expert do

SEO refers to digital strategies which help a business gain visibility in organic searches or non-paid searches. It requires both technical as well as creative techniques which can help a business come in the limelight. Often SEO only compromises of using ways to make your website easier for the search engines to find and understand.

However, most people believe that SEO simply helps a website rank higher in search engine results, it’s also focused on getting positive leads. Positive leads refers to customers who click on a website and actually end up buying a product or using the services of an online business.

Why would your website need SEO?

The major search engines used by people are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Every day these websites guide millions of traffic to specific websites. This is because the user always uses these websites to navigate to different websites.

People make use of search queries or in other words keywords to find a particular product or business. Research has proved that search engine optimisation or SEO can help make or break an online business, but only if you choose to employ services from a reputable SEO company. Targeted traffic towards your websites can provide the much needed publicity and exposure which any business requires. When a business invests in SEO they can expect a great return on investment.

Why you require the services of an SEO expert?

The following are a few reasons why you need services of an SEO expert

  • They can help create a brand awareness for your business. They make use of inbound strategies which direct the required traffic to your website. After all it’s all about competition. If you want to be way ahead of your peers you need to have a better brand awareness.
  • Another benefit of SEO is that it makes the consumers actually connect with your business. There is no chance of false leads. Only people who are actively searching for your product. This means that customers who type in the required keywords are directed towards your website.
  • SEO makes use of inbound marketing techniques. These strategies make use of content writing and email marketing. These are strategies which help build trust between consumers and businesses thus promoting client loyalty. You could expect a client to keep coming back for more once the trust is established.
  • Unlike regular marketing which makes use of outbound techniques, the inbound nature of SEO provides long term results. Any investment you make for SEO would only provide you greater return on investment.
  • Research has proved that almost eighty percent of users ignore paid ads. Most of them have blocked the ads to experience a smoother browsing.
  • The way consumers look and shop for a product has changed in the past decade or so. These days’ consumers have become tech savvy. They know what they require. SEO gives it to them by writing great content which is enjoyable as well as useful.

There are so many benefits of SEO for your business. As a savvy business owner you should get your website optimised as well.

Five Things You Should Know About Marketing Consulting Firms

Every company wants to develop a marketing campaign that is both unique and gathers them the most number of customers. Often, a lot of companies when desperate tend to simply go online, pick up some ideas, brainstorm and set about developing a new strategy for the campaign. However, such ideas are not always trustworthy. Thus, companies that want a campaign that is creative and tailored to suit their business goals will often hire a marketing consultant firm to do the work for them. These companies will make the decisions regarding what strategy to adopt, who to target, what results to expect, how to track these results etc.
However, before jumping in to hire such a firm, one must know about them and what they do in detail. There are also hundreds of such firms, each adopting different methods of work. Choosing which one suit your company best needs proper knowledge about each. Here we have listed out five fundamental things you need to know about marketing consultant firms.

Marketing is a vast area that includes a lot of factors like product development, promotion, pricing etc. and also varies greatly depending on WHAT you want to market. Therefore, before you decide on a consulting firm, you need to know what exactly your marketing needs are. Each of these firms has a specific area of expertise and thus you need to choose one that excels at the kind of marketing you wish to do. For instance, the kind of firm you require to market products on the Tv vs the one you need for social media marketing, greatly differs.


The industry you are in greatly influences the kind of marketing you choose to go with. Marketing techniques that work for one will not work for another. Thus, it is important to look for a firm that specialises in the kind of industry you’re in. It’s better to choose from firms that are industry specific as to those that claim to work with any kind of business, for they are much more knowledgeable and can help you better.


Bigger commitment means more money. If you only focus on reducing costs, you might end up with a consulting firm that does a rushed a meagre job on your marketing. For campaigns to be successful and bring you results, it will take a lot of time, patience and commitment. Thus, don’t just look at prices when you choose a firm, for if they will be in it for the long haul and bring you the results you desire, every penny will be worth it In the end.

While consultant firms excel at what they do, it is necessary for you to remain very involved in the entire process as well. It is important to set expectations as to what kind of involvement the firm can expect from you so they can plan the time frame and work accordingly. You need to communicate what you want to them and point out anything you wish to change about a strategy or decision.


Do not opt for firms that use the same tried and tested methods and strategies for each client. Creativity is key to success. Look for firms that are creative and original in their efforts and contributes to making your campaign unique.

Marketing Consultant Vs Marketing Strategist

A lot of companies lean on certain external forces to up their marketing game and to trigger some growth. But one of the things companies need to decide on before they seek such help is whether they require a marketing consultant or a marketing strategist, for while both predominantly perform the fundamental role of helping the company improve its marketing, their ways and methods greatly differ. In this article, we have tried to explain how they differ.

-For starters, a consultant is paid to generally share their knowledge and experience to help a business achieve goals and solve problems.

-A Strategist, on the other hand, analyses the existing business model and market situation and figures out the best way to improve marketing, promote products and gain new customers.

-Consultants generally work with around 5-6 clients that they are a point of contact for. They join every weekly meeting, participate in all strategic meetings and brainstorming sessions and play a huge role in executing the work planned by these clients.

-A strategist will instead look at the portfolios of a lot more clients and will assist mainly in planning, strategies and performance of the clients at hand, now and in the long run.

The best way to understand whether you need a marketing consultant or a marketing strategist is based on what exactly you want or expect.
If you want a person to analyse what you’re doing, figure out what’s wrong and proceed to help you make some structural shifts, a strategist is who you require.
On the other hand, if you need someone to manage specific daily tasks with deliverables, run research for the same; write content for you etc. your best option is a consultant.
For example, if you’ve already made the decision to go forward with Instagram advertising and know what kind of return on ad spend you will get, working with a marketing consultant to manage the target market, put your ads together etc. will make your job a lot easier.
However, if you’re trying to figure out if Instagram advertising is indeed the right option for your company, and how they fit in with respect to your existing marketing strategy, marketing mix and overall experience, a strategist is who you need. They will help you figure out if such advertising will, in fact, improve product promotion and gain more customers and if you need to make certain strategic changes to improve performance in the long run.

Therefore, we can see here that while both work towards the betterment of the company’s marketing and promotional methods, they have different ways of going about this.

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