Marketing Consultancy

A marketing consultant is an individual who is a professional and understand the trends of consumers to help improve a business. Whether a business needs a new way to target their customers or a new way to break into an existing marketing, a marketing consultant can be the key in helping a business to continue to flourish.

Education and Qualifications

The typical education of a marketing consultant is a bachelor’s degree in marketing or in business. The undergraduate work should focus on marketing. If you want to advance further in marketing, an MBA with a marketing concentration will put you on top. It is a high academic achievement in the marketing industry. Some consultants begin in the science or engineering field and then decide to get their MBA or their master’s in marketing.

A certification enhances opportunities for the marketing consultant. It makes a marketing consultant more marketable to potential employers and clients. The average wage of a marketing consultant in Australia is AU$50.61 per hour.


There are marketers that specialise in specific areas of marketing that can help a business prosper. These specialisations include online marketing, social media marketing, non-profit marketing, copywriting, online marketing, and direct response marketing. A marketing consultant will come up with a marketing strategy for the business goals. The marketing strategy includes the target market, defining the business products or services, comparing past marketing strategies, the role of the business in its marketplace and competition, and understanding marketing strengths and weaknesses.

After the marketing strategy is put together, then it is time to work on the marketing plan. The marketing plan will help reach the goals set out in the strategy. It is all the questions about how to move your strategy forward. A business marketing strategy and plan will also look at the business forecast. It will look at marketing objectives, marketing research, and customer service. If a business is looking into licensing and franchising, a marketing consultant helps with that as well through the strategy and plan.

A big go-to when it comes to marketing is social media. A marketing consultant will make sure the business has the necessities to grow their social media influence.

You Need a Marketing Consultant – So Now What?

When it is time to consultant with a marketing consultant, the business should do their research first. The business should decide if they want to go through a marketing agency or a freelancer. It is all based on the needs and wants of the business, the size, and the urgency. There are marketing consultants who only work with small to medium businesses, while other marketing consultants work with the larger companies to continue to brand them. A marketing consultant is someone that a business should look into for the future.