Hiring the services of motor accident lawyers is in your best interest if the car injury was caused by another’s actions. Lodging the injury claim is immediately done by motor accident lawyers and will see you through the entire process.

Motor accident lawyers work on a contingent fee agreement as soon as you hire them. It means that no lawyer’s fee is paid upfront until settlement of the compensation claim.

Hiring a motor accident lawyer brings value to your injury claim. Here’s why:

Handle negotiations with the insurance company

Making money is the ultimate goal of insurance companies. It means that the least amount they pay for insurance settlements or denying the claim outright is what insurance companies do.

It can become a difficult situation when you need to handle the negotiations with an insurance company while recovering from your injuries. Often, your medical situation can make you agree to anything rather than fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Hiring a lawyer to represent your interests creates a significant impact on your compensation claim. The actions your lawyer will likely do include:

  • Handle the negotiation with the insurance adjuster
  • Take over all the details needed to strengthen your claim
  • Draft a beneficial verbal or written statement
  • Do all the hard work to get the deserved compensation

Prove the negligence that caused your injuries

Proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the injuries from a car accident are caused by another’s negligence is the most complicated part. The likely scenario is for both involved parties to shift the blame.

An experienced motor accident lawyer will be able to determine the liable culprit by sifting through the evidence. Some of the actions the lawyer will likely do to obtain evidence include:

  • Validate the seriousness of your injuries by consulting with medical experts
  • Do a reconstruction of the accident scene
  • Get copies of the accident report
  • Gather from all your doctors’ important medical records
  • Interview witnesses

Work to get the true value of injuries

The suffered damages to be compensated that represents the true value of the claim is another complex procedure of car accident claims. Insurance companies often offer the least amount that often does not even cover the full extent of your injuries.

A good motor accident lawyer can ensure that compensation for past and future losses are covered by:

  • Producing past and future medical bills
  • Produce a report showing lost wages and future loss of income
  • Suffering and pain

Fair settlement negotiation

Protecting their best interests will always be the top priority of insurance companies. They find an able adversary in motor accident lawyers who will also fight for the best interests of their clients. A reliable lawyer will cover all bases before he/she negotiates with the insurance company or adjuster.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit as the last resort

The unwillingness of an insurance company to give a fair compensation amount can make the lawyer file a personal injury lawsuit as the last resort. Often, the threat of a lawsuit can make insurance companies offer a fair settlement.

A trusted motor accident lawyer is what you need in all circumstances of your injury claim. We are ready to help. Contact dedicated motor accident lawyers on the Gold Coast for further discussion about the details of your claim.