Before we discuss anything concerning IP lawyers,  let’s first get to understand the meaning of the acronym IP. IP stands for Intellectual Property, which entails knowledge or rather information that can be attached to physical objects simultaneously in multiple copies.

The notable difference between intellectual property and the actual property is that IP has no definition and cannot be measured. Intellectual property lawyers’ mandate is to fight and secure one’s rights concerning intellectual property.

How to be an intellectual property lawyer

  1. Obtain a college or university degree with impressive grades. During the study period, it is important to strengthen your skills of reasoning,  analysis, and reading as they shall be of importance in making a proper judgement in the course of the law profession.
  2. Enrol in a law school and pass highly in test exams. Achieving the best grades in law school is a plus.
  3. Preparing one’s application files is important in solidifying their applications. The files may include recommendation letters, essays, resumes, etc.
  4. Your application documents for admission should be sent to the law school before the deadline so as not to miss out on vacancy.
  5. During the study duration law school, it will be necessary to consider having an internship in a law company that is concerned with issues regarding intellectual property. You will surely obtain the much necessary experience concerning your profession in the study.
  6. You’ll then have to earn yourself a licence to practice your law skills concerning intellectual property.

Involvements of intellectual property lawyers

Intellectual property lawyers involve themselves with the following:

Aspects of trademarks

Trademarks could be logos, words, word phrases, or symbols that identify a company with its products or business.  Trademarks bar other companies by law from using these identity captions in their products as well.


Patents are new and useful methods,  substances,  equipment, or procedures that are unique. Various manufacturers and companies safeguard inventive achievements from being adopted by other companies.

Patents are exclusively owned by their owners who have the absolute right to sell, use, or rent them as they desire. Use of patent rights without permission from their owners is an offence and may attract civil prosecution from the owner (s).


Copyright is simply a legal right of ownership of content or tangible property by the owner(s). The owners have all exclusive rights to modify, licence, reproduce, or even copy what they have ownership of. Copyrights are important, especially if the content is going to be used publicly. Take the example of movies, music, books,  shapes of packaging products, etc.

Secrets on  trade

These are secrets that business companies employ. They do define a company’s unique business strategies from others in the market, which could be similar or different. The law recognises trade secrets as intellectual property, which has to be safeguarded.

Why you require a lawyer for  intellectual property

  1. The obvious reason is for protection. An intellectual property lawyer will ensure that your intellectual property rights are not infringed or used without your permission.
  2. Another important reason is for profit. Having an intellectual property lawyer by your side is important when it comes to leasing or renting of your intellectual property.
  3. An intellectual property lawyer is a very important individual when it comes to the acquisition of property or patents that have their time expired. The lawyer helps in overseeing the whole process.

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