Private investigators help businesses, individuals and government agencies by delivering unmatched private investigation services regardless of their needs. Whether looking for answers to proof a malingering employee or partners who double-dips behind backs or fighting ex-partner who fails to adhere to the restraining orders from courts, private investigators will take care of those. They possess qualifications, skills, and qualities to proof by producing water-tight and solid evidence before courts to relief your troubles.

Why you should hire a private investigator

They will avail themselves of your services whenever you need them, no matter the distance or the complexity of your situation. You will rest assured that your case is being taken care of by confident private investigators capable of producing unmatched results and solutions to ease your tension and relieve you of stress. If you have any reason to inquire about the investigator assigned to you by a firm, feel free to browse through their profiles, achievements, and reviews from previous clients. If that is not enough, contact the firm through their website or email address. Today, no investigation firm has no website services, so information can be accessed at the comforts of your room.

Before a private investigation firm hires their professionals, the subject then through a rigorous screening procedure the eliminates quirk professionals and ensures that they meet industry standards before they are hired.

Services and products you expect to receive from a private investigation firm if you are a corporate firm.

  • Location and skip trace services
  • Employee tracking services
  • Insurance investigation claims
  • False claim investigations
  • Employee surveillance services
  • Background checks
  • Fraud investigation services
  • Employee screening
  • Office and vehicle bug sweeping
  • Recruitment streamlining
  • Misconduct and malpractice investigations
  • Associate surveillance

And more.

Services and products you would expect to receive from a private investigation firm if you have personal investigation common services.

  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Phone data recovery services
  • Cheating partner investigation services
  • Child custody investigation services
  • Domestic surveillance
  • Private tracking solutions
  • Skip tracing and location services
  • Bug sweeping and debugging services
  • Evidence gathering detective services
  • Professional background checks

And more.

Now, let’s expunge some of the common services in the society and business industry.

Infidelity investigations

Do you know how it feels to know that your partner has been cheating on you all this time, or maybe you have a reason to suspect that they are cheating on you?  Find the answers to this by hiring a private investigator that will connect the dots on your behalf to catch them red-handed. The private investigator will deploy the most sophisticated techniques to muck them up if they are cheating on you. This goes for secret spying, secret cameras installed on their workplace and their frequent areas, and they might even install spyware on their phones and more.

Insurance investigations

Insurance companies employ private investigators to ascertain whether claims are real or stage-managed. You can imagine the amount of losses insurance companies would bear if false claims or protracted claims are compensated. By hiring private investigators, insurance companies have been able to curb protracted claims.

Employee screening

Private investigators screen employees of a company using techniques that employees will not outwit. They will deploy sophisticated technologies on the targeted employees for real and solid evidence of punitive and malpractices. Devices for surveillance and spyware software can be installed on their mobile phones secretly without their knowledge among other state-of-the-art techniques.

Be assured that private investigations by Grainger Investigations Brisbane are carried out professionally and discreetly.