A major part of our day is spent on our mobile devices. It is one of the most important parts of our  life. Some of us use it for work and communication. Even if you are just using a mobile phone for entertainment purposes you wouldn’t be too happy if you would have to send your mobile phone for repair. In order to make sure that your phone is in running condition again you might need to visit a technician or the official service centre to get it repaired.

If you are giving your device for phone repairs there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

Before you hand over your phone to technician make sure that you create a full backup. Your phone comprises of important data. You may have your account details of confidential emails and messages inside the phone. It might also have some photos and videos which are important to you as well. You would also need to sync your contacts and make sure that all the data is uploaded to the drive or to a backup in an external storage or the hard drive.

The next step would be removing your sim card. It might seem strange to you but it is an important thing to do. In case the same gets into the wrong hands it would be misused. Make sure that you take out the SIM card from the phone before handing it over to the definition. Plus having a SIM card with you allows you to put it in another smartphone until the time your phone is repaired and you get it back.

Make sure that you remove the security lock on your phone. If the phone is secured with a PIN or a pattern lock you might need to disable it. Doing so the expert would be able to fix the issue in your phone without any hassle.

If your phone has a Micro SD card you might need to remove that as well. Make sure that you keep it safe along with the SIM card. Most of your media files would be stored on the micro card so it is important to keep it safe in case you want to retrieve the data at some other time.

Also make sure that you know down your IMEI number. In case your device is misplaced, it is better to note down the number so that you would be able to identify a smart phone in case it is handed over to someone else who might have owned the same brand of model.

Once you have completed a backup of all the sensitive data it is necessary to reset your phone to factory settings. This is one way of protecting your data from getting stolen and you wouldn’t have to worry about it in the long run either.

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